Transitions - Managing a Career Through Life's Challenges

GSB's Women's Initiative Network volunteers interviewed GSB alumnae of different ages about how they navigated difficult career and family transitions in their lives. They offer first-hand experiences with planned transitions such as child rearing or starting a business to the unplanned events such as illness, divorce, or their own changing interests.

[photo - Pamela Winer Goldberg]Encouraging Future Entrepreneurs
Pam Winer Goldberg, MBA '81

Investment banker Pam Winer Goldberg, MBA '81, had every intention to return to full time work after her maternity leave. But the long hours and travel, combined with spotty childcare, convinced her to launch an independent consulting practice. She went on to found the Entrepreneurial Leadership Program at Tufts.Details

Networking Up the Ladder
Karen Harris, MBA '90

Karen Harris, MBA '90, spent 18 months at home with her young daughter. Then she tapped her network of former colleagues and found a challenging position at UBS. Today she's the Global COO of its Equity Capital Markets Group. Details

[photo - Michelle Clayman]Building a Business and a Legacy
Michelle Clayman, MBA '79

In addition to running her own profitable mid-sized asset management firm, Michelle Clayman, MBA '79, is a generous supporter of philanthropic causes. The road to success wasn't easy, though - particularly when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Details

Cancer: A Prescription for Career Change
An MBA Alumna from the 2000s

After several years as a marketing consultant, this young alumna from the 2000s was diagnosed with cancer. The experience inspired her to chart a new career course that was more in line with her interests, skill set and values. Details

From Burnout to Bliss
MBA Alumna from the Early 1980s

After two product launches in six months and nights of sleeping in her office, this high tech marketing expert/mother was starting to burn out. Salvation came when she was recruited away from the company to consult on a major project. Details

Success on Two Coasts
MBA Alumna from the Late 1990's

Despite health issues, childrearing responsibilities, and a relocation of her spouse, this alumna has charted challenging and rewarding career in two settings: a university and an executive search firm. Details

[photo - Sharon and David Gross, MBAs '97]Two Heads Are Better Than One
Sharon and David Gross, MBAs '97

When Sharon and David Gross graduated from the GSB in 1997, the husband-and-wife marketing experts knew that that work-life balance would be a priority. So they went to Hewlett-Packard and worked out a job-sharing agreement. Details


Book Cover - Getting to 50:50Getting to 50:50
How Working Couples Can Have It All by Sharing It All

Here are real-world solutions for parents who want to get ahead in their careers and still get to their children's soccer games; strategies for working mothers facing gender bias in the workplace; advice to fathers new to the homefront; and tips for finding 50/50 solutions to deal with issues of money, time, and much more. By Sharon Meers and Joanna Strober

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