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[photo - Conductor of Illusions Book Cover]

The Conductor of Illusions
by Metin Arditi, MBA '70, translated by Alison Anderson
Roaring Forties Press, May 2014

"The Conductor of Illusions" is a well-composed symphony of words. Arditi writes with compassion for his tormented character and we see the inner workings of not only Kandilis' career, but of his mind. We are left to wonder if we should be rooting for his success or demise. A scrupulously researched and complex story that keeps promises to keep you riveted.

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[photo - Brand Revelance Book Cover]

Brand Relevance: Making Competitors Irrelevant
by David A. Aaker, PhD '70
Jossey-Bass, January 25, 2011

This ground breaking book shows that the best way to win in the marketplace is to generate offerings so innovative that they create new categories or subcategories that make competitors irrelevant. This challenge, very different from trying to gain brand preference in established product-markets, requires generating and evaluating great concepts, becoming the category or subcategory exemplar, and creating barriers to entry. The book also shows how established firms can stave off relevance challenges by achieving credibility in emerging categories or subcategories and maintaining energy and visibility. For more information, visit where you can download the preface and the first chapter of the book.

[photo - Making Sense of the Dollar Book Cover]

Making Sense on the Dollar
by Scott K. Anderson Jr., MBA '75, CPA, CFP, EA
This book is an overview of the questions and the areas of concern that my tax and financial planning clients most often ask about when it comes to financial, investment, and retirement planning.

[photo - Great People Decisions Book Cover]

Great People Decisions: Why They Matter So Much,
Why They are So Hard, and How You Can Master Them

by Claudio Fernandez Araoz, MBA '83
Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated, 2007

Great People Decisions is a comprehensive resource for managers who want to improve their personal competence at hiring and promoting people, and also for students interested in the field. Yes, hiring is difficult, but it isn't a mystery. It's a discipline that you can master, to help your organization, and to help yourself. See the Egon Zehnder International website for more information.

[photo - Aging Beyond Belief Book Cover]

Aging Beyond Belief
by Don Ardell, SEP '73
Whole Person Associates, Inc., 2007

This is a timely volume that covers all aspects of China's book, magazine and online publishing. The publishing industry will play a critical role in providing the information, documentation and education materials required by a huge country that is on fast forward. Ten contributing authors have been carefully selected to represent their sectors of the publishing industry and provide a critical analysis of both present conditions as well as trends for new developments in this rapidly changing huge market. It is the only comprehensive guide and reference source to gain an understanding of this developing market.

[photo - Conductor of Illusions Book Cover]

The Conductor of Illusions
by Metin Arditi, MBA '70, translated by Alison Anderson
Roaring Forties Press, May 2014

"The Conductor of Illusions" is a well-composed symphony of words. Arditi writes with compassion for his tormented character and we see the inner workings of not only Kandilis' career, but of his mind. We are left to wonder if we should be rooting for his success or demise. A scrupulously researched and complex story that keeps promises to keep you riveted.

[photo - The Publishing Industry in China Book Cover]

The Publishing Industry in China
by Robert Baensch, SEP '80
Transaction Publishers Inc., Brunswick, NJ, 2003

This is a timely volume that covers all aspects of China's book, magazine and online publishing. The publishing industry will play a critical role in providing the information, documentation and education materials required by a huge country that is on fast forward. Ten contributing authors have been carefully selected to represent their sectors of the publishing industry and provide a critical analysis of both present conditions as well as trends for new developments in this rapidly changing huge market. It is the only comprehensive guide and reference source to gain an understanding of this developing market.

[photo - Operacion Boden Book Cover]

Operación Bodden
by Luis Barallat, MBA '78
Ediciones Nowtilus, Madrid 2006

"Operación Bodden", is a spy novel set in Spain during World War II. The book takes its name from a real operation conducted by the German Army in 1941, an initiative that aimed to give Hitler control of the Strait of Gibraltar and thus access to the Mediterranean Sea. The story focuses on the British Secret Service agents who race against the clock to foil the Nazis and ultimately help the Allies land in North Africa.

[photo - Power of Boldness Book Cover]

The Power of Boldness: Ten Master Builders of American Industry Tell Their Success Stories
A chapter by Stephen Bechtel, Jr., MBA '48 on his
contributions to American Industry
National Academies Press, November 1996

This book describes the intelligence, optimism, and willingness of ten builders of industry to change and grow. The book includes essays describing how the authors managed to make the most of economic and social ups and downs of the past decades.

[photo - Reinvent Your Enterprise Book Cover]

Reinvent Your Enterprise
by Jack Bergstrand, Sloan '95
BookSurge Publishing; 1st edition, April 22, 2009

My book has been endorsed by The Drucker Institute and incorporates a lot of what we learned together at Stanford. If you have an interest, I'd love to know your thoughts. JackBergstrand

[photo - Do No Evil Book Cover]

Do No Evil: Ethics with Applications to Economic
Theory and Business

by Michael E. Berumen, SEP '91
iUniverse, 2003

Do No Evil deals with a wide range of philosophical issues including moral elativism, the importance of evil, social contract theory, capitalism, fiduciary responsibility, selling, animals, and the environment.

[photo - Humble in Victory Book Cover]

Humble in Victory
by Peter Booth, MBA '65
Dockside Publications, Inc., 2001

This is a provocative and insightful novel of the U.S. Navy in Indian Ocean combat, nefarious politicians and the emergence of superpower China - featuring the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and the world-famous Red Ripper fighter squadron. The gender-equal crew and pilots of the carrier reflect the frustrations of constant deployment for almost nine months, the heroism in the cockpits and deck plates at stark contrast to weak-willed politicians in and about the nation's power centers. This 460 pages of Determination, courage, terror, patriotism, duty, heroism, and honor of what might be in the year 2010 is fostered by an unlikely consortium of Middle East neighbors coveting the vast Caspian Sea oil riches. This is a self-published book. If you are interested in purchasing it visit Pete Booth, MBA '65

[photo - True Faith Book Cover]

True Faith and Allegiance
by Peter Booth, MBA '65
Trents Prints & Publishing

Written in an easy, non-tutorial and anecdotal style, these journals capture the spirit and intesity of the most perilous and dangerous years in the history of our country - The Cold War from the mid-fifties to the mid-eighties. If you are interested in purchasing it email If you are interested in purchasing it visit

[photo - Click Book Cover]

Click: The Magic of Instant Connections
by Ori Brafman, MBA '01 and Ron Brafman
Broadway Businss, 2010

Click is about those times when we form an instant connection with someone--be it romantically or as new friends, we just hit it off. In the book, we look at specific factors that accelerate clicking and explore how relationships based on these instant connections have a very different tenor even years after that initial meeting.

[photo - The Starfish and the Spider Book Cover]

The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power
of Leaderless Organizations

by Ori Brafman, MBA '01 and Rod A. Beckstrom, MBA '87
Porfolio/Penguin Group

If you cut off a spider's leg, it's crippled; if you cut off its head, it dies. But if you cut off a starfish's leg it grows a new one, and the old leg can grow into an entirely new starfish.

After five years of ground-breaking research, Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom share some unexpected answers, gripping stories, and a tapestry of unlikely connections. The Starfish and the Spider argues that organizations fall into two categories: traditional "spiders," which have a rigid hierarchy and top-down leadership, and revolutionary "starfish," which rely on the power of peer relationships.

[photo - Life is a Game Book Cover]

Life is a Game: Group Games for Kids, Teens, and Adults
by Mark Breier, MBA '85
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

Turn off your screen -- your smartphone, tablet, or television -- and instead join family and friends in group games which can add energy, laughter, and bonding to any group. "Life Is a Game" offers hundreds of proven games for families, co-workers, and friends. Game categories include Social Mixers, Big Group, Parent/Child, Teenagers, Around a Table, Traveling, Kids 6-12, and Outdoors. Each game includes a description, along with illustrations or personal testimonials. Details

[photo - The 10-Second Internet Manager Book Cover]

The 10-Second Internet Manager: Survive, Thrive and Drive Your Company in the Information Age
by Mark Breier, MBA '85
Crown Publishing Group, 2000

The 10-Second Internet Manager provides a smart, practical approach to acting fast and smart in today's fast-paced economy. The book applies learnings from fast companies like Dell, Cisco, Yahoo and Microsoft on how to optimize e-mail, hire smart, run effective meetings, build a fast culture, and develop your brand.

[photo - King Rat and His Court Book Cover]

The King Rat and His Court
by William Arthur Bruno, MBA '77
BookSurgePublishing, 2009

This book sheds daylight on the inner workings of corporation. The book reveals how unqualified, unethical individuals climb to senior management positions and abuse their positions of authority. This lighthearted yet resolute book, complete with biting illustrations, exposes the perverse psychology of CEOs and their cohorts, and gives explanation and voice to disenfranchised employees and shareholders who are the unfortunate victims.

[photo - Oil Dusk Book Cover]

Oil Dusk
by John M. Cape, MBA '91 & Laura Buckner
Singing Bowl Publications, 2009

As we approach the end of the age of oil, isn't it remarkable how little we've planned for what is to follow? Unfortunately, our inability to prepare for the next energy regime will insure that the transition away from oil will be disruptive. How difficult and when? The facts may not tell you, since the facts are unclear at this juncture. But your feelings may be a better guide - which is why a fictional approach to the subject can be particularly insightful.

[photo - Salvinia Molesta Book Cover]

Salvinia Molesta
by Victoria Chang MBA '98

University of Georgia Press

Victoria's second book of poetry.

[photo - Circle Book Cover]

by Victoria Chang MBA '98
Southern Illinois University Press

My first book of poetry, CIRCLE, is finally out! It's a book that I've been working on for nearly a decade. Earlier last year, the book won a book prize (the way many first books of poetry are published), the Crab Orchard Review Award Series in Poetry.

[photo - Good to Great Book Cover]

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap
... and Others Don't
by Jim Collins, MBA '83
HarperCollins Publishers, 2001

Leadership without Liability of Charisma by Michael Skapinker, Financial Times, October 2001. Skapinker sites Jim Collins book, Good to Great as a must read for aspiring CEO's. Collins, MBA attributes the success of many companies to the reticence of the CEO's to be in the public eye giving them a better opportunity to fine tune and run their companies resulting in outstanding earnings over a 15 year period.

[photo - Built to Last Book Cover]

Built to Last
by Jim Collins, MBA '83,  GSB Faculty Emeritus Jerry I. Porras
HarperCollins Publishers, 2002



[photo - PEAK Book Cover]

PEAK: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow
by Chip Conley, MBA '84
Jossey-Bass, September 2007

At the turn of the 21st century Chip Conley's Joie de Vivre Hospitality firm operated 20 boutique hotels in the San Francisco Bay Area-the place to be during the dot-com boom.  But, when the bubble burst-and was followed by the 9/11 tragedy and SARS scare-the travel industry was turned upside down. Given Joie de Vivre's geographic concentration, no American hotelier was more vulnerable.  
Seeking inspiration and relief, Conley turned to the work of psychologist Abraham Maslow-renowned for his research into the motivations of healthy, happy and successful people. Guided by Maslow's theory that "peak experiences" lead to self-actualization, set to work restoring Joie de Vivre's success. Conley's book applies Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to real life business practices-making peak experiences accessible to everyone.

[photo - The Rebel Rules Book Cover]

The Rebel Rules: Daring to Be Yourself in Business
by Chip Conley, MBA '84
Simon & Schuster Trade Paperbacks, 2001

"I wrote The Rebel Rules because audience members at my lectures and speeches continually asked me where they could read up on these new rules of business. I didn't have many alternatives for them. There aren't many books that tackle such a diversity of topical issues such as how you tangibly evaluate your managers based upon both results and relationships or how you develop oddball, niche businesses that foster world-class word-of-mouth or how you create a visual icon that defines your company's business model in such a way that it deeply engages your employees. Company values... customer-centered business... employees as entrepreneurs... these phrases are often platitudes in most business books, so I wanted to write a book that could serve as a how-to manual for any budding entrepreneur or rebel-minded mid-level manager."

[photo - Brand Resilience Book Cover]

Brand Resilience: Managing Risk and Recovery
in a High Speed World

by Jonathan Copulsky, MBA '80
Palgrave Macmillan, May 10, 2011

As true and false information spreads rapidly across the vast social media landscape by disgruntled customers, competing companies and employees, even the most venerable brands can be leveled in a flash. "Brand Resilience" shows why brands are more fragile and exposed than ever, outlining seven key steps organizations should take to defend their brands against the risks of acts of sabotage. ...more

[photo - Leadership Lessons from West Point Book Cover]

Leadership Lessons from West Point
by Major Doug Crandall, MBA '03
John Wiley & Sons, 2006

With Leadership Lessons from West Point as a guide, leaders in the business, nonprofit, and government sectors can learn leadership techniques and practices from contributors who are teaching or have taught at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and have served in positions of leadership that span the globe. These military experts cover a broad range of topics that are relevant to any leadership development program in any sector. The articles in this important resource offer insight into what leadership means to these experts-in both war and peacetime-and describe their views on quiet leadership, mission, values, taking care of people, organizational learning, and leading change.

[photo - Forces For Good Book Cover]

Forces For Good: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits
By Leslie Crutchfield and Heather McLeod Grant, MBA '99
Jossey-Bass, 2007

What makes great nonprofits great? Not large budgets. Not snazzy marketing. Not perfect management. The answer is not what you might think.

At a time when the social sector has grown to more than $1 trillion, understanding what leads to impact is essential. Whether you're a nonprofit leader, philanthropist, business executive, board member, volunteer-or simply interested in changing the world-this book will inspire you to be a stronger force for good.

[photo - Get It Together Book Cover]

Get It Together: Organize Your Records So
Your Family Won't Have To

by Melanie Cullen, MBA '83
Cullen & Irving, 2005

The step-by-step guide to collecting and organizing your important papers and information for yourself and your loved ones. Includes a guide and a "planner." The planner consists of forms, both in the workbook and on CD-ROM that you use to record your information. With this book the process of organizing critical information for your loved ones does not have to be painful.

[photo - The First 30 Days; Your Guide to Any Change Book Cover]

The First 30 Days; Your Guide to Any Change
By Ariane de Bonvoisin, MBA '96
Harper Collins, 2008

The book provides a wide range of advice aimed at guiding readers through the principles of change. The book coincides with the launch of, a premier destination on the web to address 'change' as a primary focus, empowering visitors with an array of information of a variety of changes. Nearly 50 changes are currently offered on the site, and with more details about Ariane's book.

[photo - Value Redesigned: New Models for Professional Practice Book Cover]

Value Redesigned: New Models for Professional Practice
by Kyle V. Davy, AIA, MBA '86 and Susan L. Harris, PhD
Greenway Communications, LLC 2005

Value Redesigned presents a case for business model innovation for architecture and engineering firms. It examines an emerging future where innovative new models of practice have begun to flourish, offering frims avenues of escape from the vicious cycle of commoditization and low prestige that has become epidemic within the architecture and engineering community. This book offers guidance for professional service firms on how to create bold new value propositions, combining new ways of creating value with innovative pricing strategies, and explores the adaptive challenges firms will face as they begin to transform their practices.

[photo - An Officer in MacArthur's Court Book Cover]

An Officer in MacArthur's Court
A Memoir of the first Headquarters Commandant for General Douglas MacArthur in Australia
by John F. Day lll, MBA '63Robertson Publishing (RP), May 2014

This book is the story of Day’s three-year odyssey to reach Manila and in the telling describes the major events of the Second World War in the Southwest Pacific. After dodging Japanese bombs and strafing attacks in Java, Day escapes to Melbourne where he arrives two days in advance of Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s arrival from Corregidor. As one of few U.S. Army officers in Australia, Day is appointed the first Headquarters Commandant for Gen. MacArthur to support the Allied counter offensive.

The story is told through Day’s original diary, letters, photos, and oral history. His narrative is supported by historical research of the wartime events that swirled about him.

[photo - 10th Edition of Business Dictionary Book Cover]

10th Edition of Business Dictionary (so called the Stanford Dictionary in Spain)

by Marcelino Elosua, MBA '81, Luis Barallat, MBA '78 , and a team of 30 authors and 40 translators, six of whom were also Stanford alumni.

Back in 1983, the Stanford Alumni Association decided to support an alumnus' initiative to prepare an English-Spanish dictionary of business terms. The idea was to give the Association greater public prominence while creating a useful tool to serve two of its objectives: to build bridges between Spain and the US and to contribute to business education.

This is an updated, comprehensive database, which today contains more than 30.000 terms with definitions in 6 languages and translations in 19. This hard-cover 10th edition has 10.000 terms defined with entries in Spanish, English, French, German and Italian and reverse dictionaries. All Stanford alumni can buy it at only it at only 24€ plus mailing cost at

[photo - The Pureed Gourment Book Cover]

The Pureed Gourmet
by Henry MBA '91 and Jane Evans
Scott Publishing Company, 2004

You may have known Henry over the years as a hard working, loving father and husband. Now a quadriplegic due to a massive brain-stem stroke, Henry has taken the time to write a cookbook for everyone--including those with eating disorders. Through an eye-tracking device Henry is able to type, one letter at a time, by moving his head. Henry's story is one of faith, hope, and love. It is a story about life, the future, and the long road back to recovery.

[photo - Marketing Made Easy Book Cover]

Marketing Made Easy
by Kevin Epstein, MBA '97
Entrepreneur Press, 2006

Marketing Made Easy provides a real world based, straightforward, cost-effective step-by-step guide to creating customer awareness and sales for their business. Whether you're a new entrepreneur seeking to establish or expand your market presence or an experienced businessperson who wants to add marketing skills to your portfolio - if you've ever wanted to be noticed, but thought you didn't have the resources to compete with the "big boys", this book will be a must-have.

[photo - Natural Dance Book Cover]

Natural Dance
Photographs by Hal Eastman, MBA '62, forward by Janice Ross
Peregrine Images, 2003

The photographs in Natural Dance celebrate the freedom, energy and power of women dancers as they spontaneously explore their personal inner sense of movement in intuitive harmony with the natural beauty around them.  At the same time, these extraordinary images capture the liberating spirit of dance and the dance rhythms that permeate the natural world. Created by an unusual time-lapse photographic technique, the images evoke late 19th and early 20th century prints. Quotes about dance in nature from famous current and historical dance personalities provide context for the images.

[photo - Reboot Your Life Book Cover]

Reboot Your Life
Energize Your Career and Life by Taking a Break

by Catherine Allen, Nancy Bearg, Rita Foley, SEP '95, and Jaye Smith
Beaufort Books, Inc., Scheduled release date - April 2, 2011

"As the economy continues to recover, taking some "me" time in the form of a sabbatical is more essential than ever. I and my co-authors have talked to more than 200 people and 50 companies and organizations, and are passionate about people from all socio-economic backgrounds taking a "reboot break" when faced with re-employment, beginning a new phase of their family life or thinking about retirement." Rita Foley, SEP '95

[photo - Jews in American Politics Book Cover]

Jews in American Politics
by Louis Sandy Maisel and Ira Forman, MBA '83 (Edits)
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2001

A look at the tradition of the Jewish engagement in the public life of America. Introduction by Senator Joseph Lieberman.

[photo - Rivers Form an Ocean Book Cover]

Rivers Form an Ocean
by James Funk, MBA '68

As the story unfolds, the reader finds that the real heroes of this fascinating 300-year history are the unsung everyday citizens of the city, who continually bounce back from overwhelming adversities. A modern day twist woven throughout the story, the reader follows 'Jim and Marilyn' as they purchase a c.1850 'carriage house' in the city, and then encounter their own trials and tribulations as they 'restore' the two-century old home that has witnessed so much, and get it ready for its third century. All of this becomes, with some irony, a small microcosm of the travail the city's citizens have endured for three centuries.

[photo - The Future of Jazz Book Cover]

The Future of Jazz
by Yuval Taylor, Editor, Will Friedwald, Ted Gioia, MBA '83,
Stuart Nicholson
Chicago Review Press, Incorporated, 2002

In The Future of Jazz, 10 leading jazz critics take on the various issues surrounding jazz's future-the dominance of mainstream jazz, its spread around the world, the difficulty of making a living playing it, the growth of repertory jazz, the dearth of interest among young African Americans, the paradoxically backward-looking nature of the avant-garde, and many others. Published in an innovative new format, this book was written entirely by email as these jazz critics engaged in lively debate on the future of this venerable American institution.

[photo - The Future of Jazz Book Cover]

Linchpin : Are You Indispensable?
by Seth Godin, MBA '84
Penguin Group (USA), 2010

As Godin writes, "Every day I meet people who have so much to give but have been bullied enough or frightened enough to hold it back. It's time to stop complying with the system and draw your own map. You have brilliance in you, your contribution is essential, and the art you create is precious. Only you can do it, and you must."

[photo - Free Prize Inside Book Cover]

Free Prize Inside: The Next Big Marketing Idea
by Seth Godin, MBA '84
Portfolio, 2004

This book gives examples of market-changing innovations - the free prizes that worked like GI Joe (a doll just for boys) and 'frequent flier miles'.

[photo - Survival is Not Enough Book Cover]

Survival is Not Enough
by Seth Godin, MBA '84
Free Press, 2001

Seth Godin uses Darwin's theory of evolution as an extended metaphor for how companies have to constantly change in order to adapt to unstable economic environments. Survival Is Not Enough: Zooming, Evolution, and the Future of Your Company maintains that in these uncertain times, business owners have to constantly tinker with their marketing, products, and personnel, even if they've already discovered some successful strategies.

[photo - Unleashing the Ideavirus Book Cover]

Unleashing the Ideavirus
by Seth Godin, MBA '84
Do You Zoom, Inc., 2000

Godin's Unleashing the Ideavirus entertains the reader while successfully setting off bursts of ideas along the way. Rather than marketing at the consumer, Godin's approach seeks to maximize the spread of information from customer to customer. The book provides the expected examples of successful ideavirus marketing, then develops a recipe for concocting your own ideaviruses. In order to show how to make your idea infectious, the book examines what makes a powerful 'sneezer', how 'hives' work, and applies the concepts of critical velocity, vector, medium, smoothness, persistence, and amplifiers. As Godin shows, the now-familiar idea of viral marketing is one very specific form of ideavirus marketing. Most businesses will not be able to engage in true viral marketing, but all can use the ideavirus approach.

[photo - Designing Effective Organizations Book Cover]

Designing Effective Organizations: How to Create
Structured Networks

by Michael Goold, MBA '71, Andrew Campbell
Jossey--Bass Publishers, 2002

Some 30 years ago, the term 'active investment management' was coined to distinguish funds managed using traditional approaches from index funds. Since then, the traditional sector has prospered and the investment management businesses that supply traditional products generate tens of billions of dollars of profits.

But there is a problem. The traditional sector offers an indifferent value proposition to the investors. On average, traditional investment products under perform their index benchmarks. Also, finding a traditional product that can confidently be expected to outperform its index benchmark has been likened to looking for a needle in a haystack.

[photo - Secret Daughter Book Cover]

Secret Daughter
by Shilpi Somaya Gowda, MBA '96
Harper Colins, March 2010

Secret Daughter poignantly explores issues of culture and belonging, and the redemptive power of truth. This debut novel moves between two worlds and two families, one struggling to survive in the fetid slums of Mumbai, the other grappling to forge a cohesive family despite its diverging cultural identities.

[photo - Forces For Good Book Cover]

Forces For Good: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits
By Leslie Crutchfield and Heather McLeod Grant, MBA '99
Jossey-Bass, 2007

What makes great nonprofits great? Not large budgets. Not snazzy marketing. Not perfect management. The answer is not what you might think.

Leslie Crutchfield and Heather McLeod Grant spent four years surveying thousands of nonprofit CEOs, conducting hundreds of interviews, and studying a dozen high-impact nonprofits to uncover their secrets to success. Their quest took them to the well-known (Habitat for Humanity), to the less-well-known (Self-Help) and to the unexpected (The Exploratorium). What the authors discovered surprised them.

At a time when the social sector has grown to more than $1 trillion, understanding what leads to impact is essential. Whether you're a nonprofit leader, philanthropist, business executive, board member, volunteer-or simply interested in changing the world-this book will inspire you to be a stronger force for good.

[photo - Make the Move]

"Make the Move"
Ishan Gupta, MBA '09
Unicorn Books, 2006

This book is an attempt to demystify the factors surrounding any business and really motivate people to make the right moves. It includes the story of how Ishan started his first venture while pursuing his undergraduate studies in engineering from India. The foreword for the book is written by Sabeer Bhatia (Founder, Hotmail). The book also has contributions from Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, former President of India and many prominent Indian entrepreneurs.

[photo - Have I Got A Deal For You Book Cover]

Have I Got A Deal For You, Comic Tales From the Motor Industry by Robert W. Elliott, SEP '84
Minkie Productions, 2009

A fast-paced and humorous novel detailing the daily operations of a motor car dealership in New Zealand. The story traces the adventures of three generations of the Hirst family as their business ebbs and flows, buffeted by ever-changing market forces.

Desert Sailor: Growing up in the Pacific Fleet 1941-1946
by James Fitch, SEP '77
Amazon Digital Services, Inc., 2010

This sailor's memoir leads from the U.S. Navy's peacetime "Pineapple Fleet" in Pearl Harbor to a secret convoy transporting the "Flying Tigers" to Asia. After the disaster at Pearl Harbor, his ship raids Japanese bases in the central Pacific. He watches Doolittle's bombers take off from the Hornet to bomb Tokyo, then proceeds to the carrier air battles of Midway and Santa Cruz.

[photo - The Landscape of Time Book Cover]

The Landscape of Time
by Lois Foyt and Jon Foyt, MBA '55
Publish America, 2009

The authors, Lois Foyt and Jon Foyt, have successfully written The Landscape of Time with one Millennial voice, that of their protagonist, who shares with the reader his gaining awareness of humanistic pluses and minuses.

[photo - Sugars and Flour Book Cover]

Sugars and Flours: How They Make us Crazy, Sick, and Fat
by Joan Ifland, MBA '78
1stBooks Library, 2000

We face soaring health care costs as a result of Americans' habit of one pound of sugars and flours per person per day. High cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar are all related to a diet heavy in refined carbohydrates. We also face being irritable, depressed, tired, foggy, and confused. Getting off sugars and flours can be like getting off a drug for heavy users.

[photo - Active Investment Management Book Cover]

Active Investment Management
by Charles Jackson, MBA '78
John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2003

Active Investment Management starts with the fundamentals of what active management is and why investors find it desirable. It goes on to show how these fundamentals have given rise to the industry's problems, how these problems affect each other and how they can be resolved.

[photo - Internet Commerce Metrics and Models Book Cover]

Internet Commerce Metrics and Models
in the New Era of Accountability
by Sri Jagannathan, Sloan '96, Jay Srinivasan, and Jerry Kalman
Pearson Education, 2001

Internet Commerce Metrics and Models delivers today's best practices for e-business investment and management decision-making, based on real-world case studies and advanced analysis techniques. It gives e-commerce entrepreneurs and decision-makers a comprehensive, up-to-date framework for understanding Internet business models-and desperately needed metrics for evaluating them. The authors introduce an exclusive five-stack e-business model, encompassing platform, content, community, commerce, and the "services" that add value to them. Using this framework, they construct a complete e-commerce business model, analyzing the economic impact of key choices, and introducing new ways to project the consequences of your decisions. Whether you're an entrepreneur, manager, investor, or consultant, this book's breakthrough framework and analytical techniques will add value to every e-business decision you make.

[photo - Fate of Warriors Book Cover]

Fate of the Warriors
by Mike Johnson, SEP '98
AuthorHouse, 2007

Mike Johnson's second historical novel, Fate of the Warriors takes you on a journey meant to provide a different and broader perspective on happenings during the 1940s-1970s. Along the way, readers visit Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944, New York's Central Park, the beaches of Malibu and Santa Monica, Disney Studios, and the 38th Parallel in the Korean DMZ. Central to the book are certain themes including the role of chance in our lives and opportunities for redemption and how people respond. The book uses authentic locales and situations, an accurate timeline, and is available on all major bookselling websites. See Author's Website

[photo - Warrior Priest Book Cover]

Warrior Priest
by Mike Johnson, SEP '98
AuthorHouse, 2005

This historical novel set during WWII underscores why that cauldron continues to stir imaginations and curiosity by conveying the war's global impact in ways rarely told. Woven together memorably are the lives of an airborne chaplain, a Jagiellonian University student turned Polish lancer, two young women resistance fighters in Warsaw and a French village, a deck fireman aboard the aircraft carrier Hornet, and an Army nurse. Meticulously researched, Warrior Priest's characters interact with real-life people including Jimmy Doolittle, George Patton and Hall of Fame shortstop Lou Boudreau. Historically authentic locales, situations and timeline.

[photo - The Accidental Investment Banker Book Cover]

The Accidental Investment Banker
by Jonathan A. Knee, MBA '87
Oxford University Press, 2006

A candid and irreverent insider's account of an industry in free fall, Knee captures an exhilarating era of fabulous deal making in a free-wheeling Internet economy and the catastrophe that followed when the bubble burst.

[photo - The Great Turning Book Cover]

The Great Turning: from Empire to Earth Community
by Dave Korten, MBA '61
Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., April 2006

The threat of continued warfare to the future of humanity has become dire. The Great Turning explores the threat of warfare to the future or humanity and offers a detailed plan for meeting - and overcoming - it. The book draws on sources as varied as evolution, developmental psychology, and the wisdom of religious mystics to make the case for a new society. It explores the roots of Empire in ancient Athens and charts the long transition from the institutions of monarchy to those of the global economy.

[photo - Shale Oil Book Cover]

Shale Oil - Tapping the Treasure
by Robert Alden Loucks, SEP 1980
Xlibris Corporation, 2002

"A history of the oil shale industry development (or non development) of the 1970's and 80's. Written from the vantage point of a direct participant in one of the major projects, it consists largely of documented historical records of private industry and various levels of government. It concludes with analysis and recommendations for future action which, given today's world energy supply uncertainties, are timely as well as controversial." Bob Loucks

[photo - Innovation to Cash Flows Book Cover]

From Innovation to Cash Flows: Value Creation by Structuring High Technology Alliances
by by Constance Lütolf-Carroll, MBA '82
Wiley, 2009

"From Innovation to Cash Flows" covers many of the tools to be a successful biotechnical or high-tech entrepreneur. Step by step guidelines covering strategy, contract law, strategic partnering, and intellectual property.

Smart Networking Book Cover]

Smart Networking: Attract a Following In Person and Online
by Liz Lynch, MBA '92
McGraw-Hill, 2008

Networking is not just for job seekers and sales people, but for any professional who needs to get things done in today's fast-paced, wired world. With more information available than ever and more results being asked of us every day, we can't do it all ourselves. We need the help of other people, and it's the strength of our relationships that will determine the pace and level of our success. "Smart Networking" describes how to integrate traditional face-to-face techniques with a strong online presence to make networking easier, automatic and global. Details

[Executive Image Power Book Cover]

Executive Image Power (Top Image Experts Share What to Know to Advance Your Career)
co-authored by Julie Kaufman, MBA '82
PowerDynamics Publishing, 2009

Executive Image Power is the key ingredient to building professional confidence, making a great impression and advancing your career with every meeting. Discover the insider secrets from North America's top executive image experts. Your executive image is the message you send out to your clients, potential clients and colleagues every time you walk in a room, attend a meeting or talk on the phone. Details

Medical Notes Book Cover]

Medical Notes: Clinical Medicine Guide
by Bruce Y. Lee, MD, MBA '98
F. A. Davis Company, 2008

Packed into this 3 X 5 spiral-bound book is all of the quick-reference information you need to care for patients in all medical settings for all major medical specialties. Eight tabs make it easy to navigate, and 136 tables and organ system icons put the essentials at your fingertips.

Principles and Practice of Clinical Trial Medicine Book Cover]

Principles and Practice of Clinical Trial Medicine
by Bruce Y. Lee, MD, MBA '98
Academic Press, July 2, 2009

A concise overview of the essential aspects of clinical research and trial design. Presents the principles and practical details needed to design, conduct, and interpret the results on clinical trials, as well as how to take a drug from initial development to approval stage.

What If... Book Cover]

What If...: Survival Guide for Physicians
by Bruce Y. Lee, MD, MBA '98
F. A. Davis Company, 2007

What're starting an IV and the catheter breaks off in the vein? A patient has a gun tucked in his waistband? The Heimlich fails?What If...there were a book that anticipated stressful, dangerous, or unusual situations? This handy, quick reference answers the questions you need to know.

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