Suggested Reading

Faculty Published Books

The Banker's New Cloths: What's Wrong with Banking and What to Do about It
by Anat Admati & Martin Hellwing
Princeton University Press, 2013

What is wrong with today's banking system? The past few years have shown that risks in banking can impose significant costs on the economy. Many claim, however, that a safer banking system would require sacrificing lending and economic growth. The Bankers' New Clothes examines this claim and the narratives used by bankers, politicians, and regulators to rationalize the lack of reform, exposing them as invalid.

Alumni Authored Books

[photo - Conductor of Illusions Book Cover]

The Conductor of Illusions
by Metin Arditi, MBA '70, translated by Alison Anderson
Roaring Forties Press, May 2014

"The Conductor of Illusions" is a well-composed symphony of words. Arditi writes with compassion for his tormented character and we see the inner workings of not only Kandilis' career, but of his mind. We are left to wonder if we should be rooting for his success or demise. A scrupulously researched and complex story that keeps promises to keep you riveted.