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Let Alumni Know You Are the "Real Deal" on LinkedIn

Be sure of who your contacts are, and let others know you are a GSB alum by joining the official LinkedIn Stanford GSB alumni group, where the GSB validates the alumni status of all group members. Get job postings, follow alumni discussions, and seek advice. Only GSB alumni and students are able to join the Stanford - GSB Alumni group.

How to Join the Official Stanford GSB Alumni Group
  1. Who Can Join?
    GSB alumni and students may join, and your eligibility is automatically verified by your GSB alumni email address. Instant access to the Stanford GSB Alumni-only LinkedIn group is granted if you include your GSB alumni email address in your LinkedIn profile.

    If you are an eligible alum and did not use your GSB alumni email address when requesting to join, please simply rejoin the official GSB group (Stanford - GSB Alumni) after adding your Stanford GSB alumni email address to your LinkedIn profile.

  2. Need a GSB Alumni Email Address?
    Click the "Check Email" link at the very top right of the page. Select "Activate GSB Alumni Webmail". Your email can be set to forward to any email address of your choice (e.g. a work email or other personal email) from the "Options" menu.

    For more information on our email service, visit our Alumni Email Help web page

  3. How to Add Your Alumni Email to Your LinkedIn Profile
    Log in to LinkedIn - Click "Settings" ("Settings" button can be found under your name in the upper right corner via drop down menu using the small arrow next to your name). - Click "Email Addresses" and follow prompts to add and confirm @ email address.
How to Use the LinkedIn "Alumni" Feature

The "Alumni" feature is a great tool to learn the following about GSB alumni:

  • Where they live
  • Where they work
  • What they do

To use this feature you must have the Stanford Graduate School of Business in your LinkedIn profile. On your profile page you will find the option to add your school under "Education." Select "+Add a school."

Next, go to the top navigation bar to "Contacts" and select Stanford Graduate School of Business, or if you already have the Stanford GSB in your profile, go to

Please note that not all of our alumni use LinkedIn, yet ALL are listed in the password-protected GSB Alumni Directory available to you from the GSB Alumni website. Because of this, when updating your business information, remember not only to update your LinkedIn profile but also to update your official GSB Alumni Directory profile. This will ensure that alumni who depend on connecting with other alumni through the GSB's directory will still be able to find you.

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