Jerry I. Porras Latino Leadership Award

About this Award

The Hispanic Business Student Association hosts an annual award banquet to both celebrate the history and presence of the Latino community at the GSB and to honor and encourage leadership in business as well as in the greater Latino community. The banquet also helps to unite alumni with current students, faculty and administrators, and fosters personal bonds critical to the success of our communities.

At this evening event faculty, alumni, and students come together to honor a GSB alumnus who has made significant contributions to the business and Latino communities.

Past Recipients



James Gutierrez, MBA '05
CEO and Co-Founder of Insikt 


Phil Pompa, MBA '82
Venture Partner, Cielo Private Equity Funds 
[icon - Video]Pompa Video (4:27 minutes)

2012 Frank Huerta, MBA '93
Co-Founder and CEO of TransLattice, Inc.

[icon - Video]Huerta Video (25:13 minutes)

2011 Mike A. Aviles, MBA '90
Former President and CEO, Vignette Corporation

[icon - Video]Aviles Video (33:13 minutes)

2010 Laura Sanchez, MBA '94
Managing Director, Goldman, Sachs & Co.

[icon - Video]Sanchez Video  (18:03 minutes)

2009 Hank Vigil, MBA '87
Senior Vice President
Strategy & Partnership, Microsoft Inc.
2008 Miriam Rivera, JD/MBA '95
Former Deputy Legal Counsel, Google

[icon - Video]Rivera Video  (25:21 minutes)

2007 James R. Cervantes, MBA '86
Managing Director, Head of Public Finance, Stone & Youngberg

[icon - Video]Cervantes Video  (15:33 minutes)

2006 Albert Chavez, MBA '85

[icon - Video]Chavez Video  (15:51 minutes)

2005 Benito C. Almanza, MBA '77
2004 Ricardo A. Navarro, MBA '75
2003 Julia Arellano Sullivan, MBA '82

Leopoldo E. Guzman, MBA '71

[icon - Leopoldo Guzman Video]Guzman Video (17:12 minutes)

2001 Fernando Oaxaca
2000 Frank R. Ramirez, MBA '83


1999 Richard L. Leza, Sr., MBA '78
1998 Victor Arias, Jr., MBA '82
1997 Fernando Inzunza, MBA '78

The 2013 Jerry Porras Award

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