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GSB Women’s Professional Reboot Program

Tuesday, February 24 - Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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Reboot your career with a new virtual program for GSB alumnae. This eight-week series can help you create meaningful work you love, on your terms.

This event is only open to GSB alumnae

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[photo-John Hill]Optimizing LinkedIn with John Hill
LinkedIn expert John Hill highlights some of the lesser-known ways to leverage LinkedIn for your networking-based job search. John Hill, LinkedIn's "Higher Education Evangelist" is an engaging, high-energy presenter who knows everything there is to know about this important social media tool.

GSB Alumnae Panel: "Careers, Choices and Challenges"
How you manage your career over a lifetime is a complex, highly personalized decision. Hear from a panel of women who will share their own personal stories and career strategies, and continue on to view resources available to help you make your own choices.

"The 2-Hour Job Search" with Steve Dalton 
photo-Steve Dalton

"The 2-Hour Job Search" splits the networking-based job search into three main components: prioritizing targets, outreach, and informational interviews. It's a cutting-edge framework for using technology to find the right job faster. This workshop, delivered by Steve Dalton, is ideal for those looking to make their networking-based job search more efficient and effective.

Career and Life Vision
"Career Vision is the ability to reliably access images associated with work activities and work environments that hold the potential for sustained, meaningful engagement." -Timothy Butler, PhD, author of Discovering Your Career in Business

Bridge to Your Next Career
Steve Balogh, MBA '73, and panel of industry experts present career management tips to provide Insight into the current job market.

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