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GSB Alumni Career Services provides a list of career coaches who are available to assist alumni with job search strategy and tactical needs (i.e. self-assessment, networking, positioning statements, negotiations, etc.).

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Why Use a Career Coach?

By Dr. Randall S. Hansen Ph.D., Founder of Quintessential Careers
A good analogy is to compare a career coach to an athletic coach or personal trainer. Even the best athletes need a coach to guide them to the next level; they need someone who will listen to them, assess their situation, and push their performance to the peak of their potential. Coaching is about unlocking a person's potential to maximize his or her performance; coaching is about helping people learn to succeed and excel on their own. Athletes, musicians, actors -- and yes, job-seekers -- would not be as successful without the services of a coach. Details

What to Expect From a Career Coach

Career professionals can be extremely helpful whether you are actively engaged in a job search or are just beginning to think of making a job change. Each has his or her own methodology and fee structure. All of these professionals serve clients either in person or over the phone. In order to have a good working relationship, it is appropriate to spend some time getting to know the coach in order to determine if they are best suited to meet your individual style and to make sure that you are comfortable with their fee structure. You should expect a career coach to charge anywhere from $125-250/hour. More

Resume Review Coach

Resume Review Services are offered by an expert resume coach on how to develop and target resumes for today's competitive job market. 


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Career Transition Paths
Rebecca Zucker, MBA '94 Partner and Executive Coach Next Step Partners

There are many different types of career transition, depending on your individual situation. You may find that you fall into more than one of the categories Details

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